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Why signpost?

Signposting helps you to:

  • create a navigation path to guide your reader,
  • indicate to your reader the direction your writing will take, and
  • remember your key points.

Major signposts

Major signposts indicate to the reader the important elements of your writing such as the purpose, connection between points, and the conclusion.


  • This study argues that …
  • This paper examines…
  • This essay begins by… it goes on to …
  • In conclusion …

Transition sentences

Transition sentences inform the reader when your writing is moving from one idea to another, and how those ideas are connected.


  • Having examined; It is important to
  • The discussion highlights; It is also essential, however, to explore;
  • A significant factor in… is…

Linking words

Linking words signify to the reader the connections between your ideas. Linking words convey what you will be discussing next, and how the reader should interpret it.

Some types of linking words

Additionin addition; also
Cause and effectdue to; as a result
Comparisonsimilarly; likewise
Contrastalternatively; in contrast
Examplesfor instance; to show this
Exceptionhowever; although
Time and sequenceinitially; to being; previously; finally


Reminders can help the reader recall what you have previously discussed.


  • As discussed above…
  • Section 2 outlines…
  • So far…
  • In conclusion…
  • In brief…
  • Thus…