Presenting effectively

Printing your finished poster is not the last step in the communication process. Most often, you will display your poster for an audience in a poster presentation session. A typical poster presentation session requires you to stand beside your poster and answer questions from a few viewers at a time. Viewers will have limited time, so you will need to attract their attention, communicate your research engagingly, and be responsive to questions.

Instructions for printing the poster and details about the format of the poster session and the length and content of your presentation are usually included in the assignment instructions. Make sure to read them carefully, and seek clarification as needed.

Matching activity

Look at the following components of a poster presentation. Do they belong in the speech section or should they appear on the poster? Drag each item to the correct column.

Remember, your poster and your presentation go together. The presentation should complement the information on the poster and engage the interest of your audience. Think carefully about the information you most want to communicate, and always practice presenting in front of your poster. You should know the information on the poster well enough that you don’t need to look at it except to point out a feature of interest.