Selecting content

It can be tempting to try to include everything that you know or have done, found or concluded on your poster. This can lead to a poster full of text that is visually unappealing. Your poster needs to convey the key information succinctly. As far as possible, information should be presented visually.

While the content you need to include can vary between disciplines, posters generally include:

Click on the headings above for more information. Keep in mind that your poster will not necessarily include all of these elements, depending on your topic and purpose. Also, you may choose to provide more descriptive headings specific to your project.

The content required does depend on your discipline. In addition, your assessment task may include specific content that you need to cover.

Make sure you read the instructions carefully.


What content is shown in the image below? Click the grey icon with white cross icon to expand the image.

Once you have decided what to include, the next step is to consider how to present it.