About us

The Safer Community Unit is focused on identifying and reducing risks to the safety and wellbeing of our students, staff and wider community at Monash.

We provide advice and support as well as key information to help you in difficult or risky situations.

If someone has been engaged in any form of misconduct or other concerning behaviour, we'll endeavour to:

  • carry out investigations
  • manage and aim to reduce any risks involved

We work in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team and in accordance with University policy and procedures.

If you're feeling threatened or unsafe, please contact us.

Join us and help make a difference

The Respectful Communities team has been created in response to the Respect.Now.Always. campaign and the commitment of all Australian universities to work to end gender-based violence across campuses.

Respectful Communities' work with other areas of the University has lead to the implementation of all nine recommendations of the Australian Human Rights Commission Change the Course Survey. We're currently implementing the recommendations from our independent review, due for completion mid-year.

In order to prevent sexual and interpersonal violence and other inappropriate behaviours, our Respectful Communities team lead a range of workshops and training to create and maintain a safe community at Monash. Be a part of the campaigns and events we run to help raise awareness across our community.

To join us, email respect.now.always@monash.edu