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Respectful Community Initiatives

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The Respectful Community Initiative is the Safer Community Unit's primary prevention strategy, aimed at tackling sexual and interpersonal violence within the Monash Community.

It takes a whole of community approach to engage students, student leaders and staff in preventing interpersonal violence between peers, and within the entire Monash Community.

The program aims to:

  • improve community understanding of what are unacceptable behaviours, especially around intimate partner violence and sexual offences
  • build the capacity of bystanders to safely intervene and assist those affected by violent behaviour
  • challenge the cultural and social norms that support violence
  • give students life skills and a practical understanding of responsibly consuming alcohol
  • link students and staff into relevant University services

Who it's for

Respectful Community Initiatives is aimed primarily at students and student leaders. Various parts of the initiative can however, be relevant for both students and staff.

What it delivers

Contact for enquiries

Ellen Perriment
Respectful Community Initiative Project Officer
Phone: 9905 1599