Child safe standards

At Monash, we're committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment for children, preventing child exploitation and abuse of all kinds, and dealing with child abuse concerns appropriately.

We have developed the Child Safe Standards Framework based on guidelines produced by the Victorian government.

The Framework sets clear standards of behaviour for all Monash staff, volunteers, contractors and council members. It presents strategies to embed a culture of safety and to reduce the risk of child abuse at the University.

Child Safe Standards Framework (pdf, 0.25 mb)
A comprehensive framework to support the delivery of a safe environment for all children at Monash.

Code of Conduct (pdf, 0.17 mb)
Behaviour expectations and boundaries for interactions with children for all individuals at Monash.

Position assessment tool (pdf, 0.22 mb)
A tool to assist individuals to assess the child interactive nature of a position and to minimise risk to the child, individual and Monash.