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Respect. Now. Always

Creating a safer community

Respect.Now.Always. Support app

At Monash University, we're committed to providing a safe community for all students, staff and visitors. If you've experienced a sexual assault or inappropriate sexual behaviour, be assured that we're dedicated to providing support and encourage you to seek help. 

You are not alone.

As part of the Respect.Now.Always. campaign, we’ve created a web-based app for smartphones, to help you navigate the support services and reporting options available to you. 

The Safer Community Unit provides expert and confidential advice, support and referrals. We can assist you with decisions in the wake of a sexual offence or any inappropriate sexual behaviour, whether it happened recently or some time ago. 

We encourage all students and staff to save the app to the home screen of your smartphone.

Get the app

This app is designed for use on mobile devices. It's web-based, so like any website, it opens in your browser. You don't need to download it from an app store or install it.

Respect.Now.Always. Support app

Save it to your home screen

For easy access from your phone, you can save a bookmark to your home screen.

1. Open the link above, using your smartphone.

2. If your phone browser is:

  • Safari: Tap the Action icon (in the bottom menu), then swipe along to find Add to Home Screen
  • Chrome: Tap the menu icon (top right) then tap Add to Home screen
  • Firefox: Tap the menu icon (top right), then tap Page and Add to Home Screen
  • Opera: Tap the menu icon (top right), then tap Home screen

Comments and feedback

If you have comments or feedback about the app, please email fiona.marshall@monash.edu