BRIGHT Workshop

BRIGHT is an introductory workshop aimed at student leaders who are seeking to address issues of respectful relationships and gender equity. It gives participants the skills they need to recognise harmful behaviour, intervene safely as active bystanders, and act as positive agents for change.

This session will focus on:

  • understanding the issue of gender-based violence, and the factors that contribute to it
  • equipping participants with the skills and knowledge they need to actively challenge problematic behaviour and comments in various situations
  • understanding sexual violence and the principles of consent
  • learning how to respond to a disclosure of sexual assault
  • using the resources, reporting options and support services available through our community networks for victims and survivors.

In this peer-led interactive session, students are given the chance to discuss different scenarios and work together to provide solutions and examples of positive behaviour that match their real-world experience.

Audience: student leaders
Duration: 2.5 hours
Capacity: 32 people

To request a workshop, email We’ll customise each training session so that it's more relevant and valuable to your specific audience.

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