Flip the Script (EAAA) Program

Let's flip the script for women - Enhanced Assess, Acknowledge, Act (EAAA) empowers young, self-identified women to trust their judgement and overcome social pressures to be "nice" when their sexual integrity is threatened.

One in five young women will experience attempted or completed rape while in university. Sexual assaults are most commonly perpetrated by someone women know and trust, and most occur in social situations that people do not consider dangerous.

The Flip the Script (EAAA) program, developed by Professor Charlene Senn at the University of Windsor in Canada, is based on theory, research evidence, and best practices for helping women resist acquaintance sexual assault.

Flip the Script is currently the only program available to have been evaluated in a clinical trial and shown to significantly reduce the incidence of rape and other forms of sexual assault for at least one year. It's one critical piece of a comprehensive strategy to address the high incidence of rape and other forms of sexual violence on our campuses.

Audience: Women-identifying students
Duration: 12 hours (delivered in four 3-hour sessions)
Capacity: 20 women

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