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Course structure

Offering all of the key features of the Bachelor of Science – including choice, flexibility and depth across the huge range of science disciplines available at Monash – this advanced version will provide you with both a broad, general science education and specialist training in one or more science disciplines. This will be deepened and strengthened by:

  • the freedom to accelerate quickly to higher-level units
  • additional flexibility in subject choices
  • research mentoring by leading scientists in your chosen field
  • exclusive extra-curricular programs only available to those taking this course
  • A. Science specified study

    This will provide you with the mathematical or statistical foundation for your study of science and ensure breadth of study in at least two different areas of science. It will also provide an introduction to the key areas of scientific communication and practice and scientific research methodology.

  • B. Science listed majors

    This will provide you with practical and theoretical skills and knowledge of two science listed areas of study. You will learn to develop, apply and communicate an advanced level of understanding of the concepts and theoretical frameworks that constitute the knowledge base of the two disciplines.

  • C. Free elective study

    This will enable you to further develop your knowledge of your major area of study, or science more broadly. Alternatively, you can select units from across the university in which you are eligible to enroll.

  • D. Honours research program

    This will extend your discipline knowledge and provide you with a higher level of expertise in critical writing, thinking and independent analysis and research.