Biological Sciences

We are living in the Century of Biology. The study of life in all its forms stretches back to Aristotle and beyond. We have long known that to prosper is to understand life in all its variety. Now, new technologies are making the secrets of life more accessible. At the same time our success as a species is posing great challenges to the very ecosystems that support us. Biology is more important and more within our grasp than ever.

Revolutions in biotechnology and computing have exposed the rich genetic underpinnings of organismal function and interaction with the environment. As a result we are now in a position to know more about disease, development and the fundamentals of biodiversity than ever before. Remote sensing and micro-sized instruments are opening our eyes to a world of changing environments and human aspirations.

The School of Biological Sciences is playing a lead role in this Century of Biology. Our work in vector-borne disease means illnesses like Dengue Fever may soon be a thing of the past. World class research in ecology and genomics is helping to solve environmental challenges such as those associated with climate change, biological invasions, and large-scale changes to our environment, from arid areas to urban settings.

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