About us -Faculty Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. The committee membership shall be made up of the Chairs and Deputy Chairs of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committees from each school within the Faculty of Science, a professional staff member from the Faculty Office, an HDR student representative, a secretary, and the Associate Dean of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.
  2. Report to the Dean of the Faculty on University equity, diversity and inclusion policies, strategies and programs to enable the Faculty to provide equitable support for all staff and students in the Faculty of Science.
  3. Provide advice to the Science Senior Management Committee (SSMC) on policy, objectives and programs concerning all equity, diversity and inclusion matters.
  4. Develop and review the Faculty vision, plans, and processes, ensuring equity, diversity and inclusion practices are successfully embedded in the Faculty’s core business agendas.
  5. Lead the implementation of the Faculty’s equity, diversity and inclusion vision and strategies. This includes:
  • Identifying needs within the schools and in underrepresented communities within the Faculty of Science and dismantling barriers to equity, diversity and inclusion;
  • Fostering an environment of inclusion and cultural safety within the Faculty;
  • Designing and implementing leadership practices to support diversity and increase inclusivity at all levels;
  • Enhancing community knowledge to establish a community of best practice for equity, diversity and inclusion for all staff and students.
  • Collaborate across the University to develop and implement the University’s equity and diversity strategies, and to ensure that the Faculty’s visions and strategies align with the University’s strategic priorities, plans, policies, and goals.
  • Membership

    • Christen Mirth (Chair)
    • Namrata Sharma (Secretary)
    • Kathryn Hodgins (Biological Sciences)
    • Thomas Hiscox (Biological Sciences)
    • Victoria Blair (Chemistry)
    • Vanessa Wong (Earth, Atmosphere and Environment)
    • Felicity McCormack (Earth, Atmosphere & Environment)
    • Andrew Giles (Earth, Atmosphere & Environment)
    • Daniel Mathews (Mathematics)
    • Daniel Horsley (Mathematics)
    • Michael Brown (Physics & Astronomy)
    • Kaye Morgan (Physics & Astronomy)
    • Renay Wallis (Monash HR)
    • Kim Aitken (Faculty Office)

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