New school launches

July 1 was a special day in the Faculty of Science as it was the first day of the new School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment. To celebrate this, the new School staff and students had afternoon tea together in one of the School’s state-of-the-art teaching laboratories (G09).

There was a real buzz in the air and clearly an excitement about the creation which combined the School of Geosciences, the Atmospheric Science group in the School of Mathematics, and the Physical Geography group in the School of Geography and Environmental Science in the Faculty of Arts.

Moving about the room, the conversation initially centred around formal introductions, but quickly progressed into vibrant discussion around people’s areas of expertise and the amazing projects, researchers are currently involved in. Breathtaking pictures of field areas were displayed on the interactive white boards and it was quite clear that everyone in the room was excited about working together on the ‘whole Earth system’.

Sandy Cruden, the Head of School gave a toast and introduced deputy heads, Nigel Tapper and Michael Reeder. It was a great start to what promises to be the beginning of exciting collaborations and discoveries.

Dean Scott O'Neill has warmly welcomed colleagues formerly from the Faculty of Arts who have joined us in creating a new School. "I missed the celebration but have been making my way around to meet you. I am very happy to see the new school and look forward to great collaborations. With the academics in the School of Biological Sciences we now have a concentration of capability in Environmental Sciences at Monash. My thanks to all the staff involved who showed a lot of goodwill to make this major change happen."

In the lead up to the creation of the new school there was a nostalgic feeling in the air as staff said their goodbyes to the 'School of Geosciences' at the final tea party.  We had memorabilia photos up on the walls including one of Professor Bruce Hobbs who was the founding Professor and Chair of the School of Geosciences in 1972 and our current Head of School, Sandy Cruden, along with photos of former Heads of School, Academic colleagues, professional staff and students.

 School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment function