Letters from Alumni & friends

10 September 2014


It has been remiss of me not to write sooner. When you invited me to speak to the Open Day, I was surprised, bewildered and slightly excited. But it got me thinking about my journey from Monash to where I am now and I realised it all started at Monash. I was going to return to the place where I began as a clueless school kid and graduated as a slightly clued adult. Most importantly, this was a place that gave me the tools and the direction to get to where I am today.

I must say upon returning to Monash I didn’t recognise much, the roads, the building and the people all seemed disconnected from my time there. But then I started talking with my fellow panel members and something happened. Talking about our uni experiences and science in general was exciting. This common touch point we had, Monash University, created this connection. The only way I can describe it is like when I catch up with past work friends whom I haven’t seen for many years. Except I haven’t ever worked with these people.

I think there is something special about Monash (although I have no other tertiary institution experience to compare this to). It’s not the same feeling you have for your old high school, it feels more important.

I don’t know if my three minute talk had the desired effect on potential students but reconnecting with Monash has had an effect on me. Thank you for including me on this day, thank you for all the care you put into communication prior to and after the day and thank you for the personal touches.

I appreciated it all, it must have been a massive undertaking on your part, and I just want to reiterate my thanks.


David Bacon
Proud Monash Graduate