A message from Dean Jordan Nash to our graduates

Dr Jane Oppenheim
Professor Jordan Nash
Dean, Faculty of Science, Monash University

At the Faculty of Science we are very proud of our students and graduates. Each year my colleagues and I look forward to commemorating our students at graduations, in these unprecedented times we cannot gather with you and your loved ones for that celebration in person. I understand this has been a challenging time to complete your Monash journey, and whether you are taking this time to reminisce, plan or simply live in this moment we would all like to recognise your hard work and achievement. On behalf of the Faculty of Science, I wish to acknowledge this important accomplishment in your life, you've achieved a major life milestone by completing your studies and becoming a graduate of Monash University. Congratulations!

I hope your time at Monash and with the Faculty of Science has given you the tools to go forward in your career, to find something you love doing and that you leave with a greater sense of purpose, a global outlook, and the skills and confidence to make a positive change – to your own life, and to the lives of those around you. I am proud to welcome you to the alumni community and you have joined a uniquely talented and influential group of more than 38,000 Science alumni. You are part of the Science alumni community for life.

I also encourage you to continue to get involved and stay connected with Monash Science throughout your career’s journey. Stay in touch with your fellow alumni by joining our Monash Science Alumni LinkedIn Group, take advantage of alumni benefits or take part in alumni to alumni mentoring to support you during the next phase of your journey.

I hope you stay connected with us and we look forward to hearing about your success and the positive impacts you have on the world.