Micro & Nano-Imaging

Raman and infrared microscopes enable imaging of a direct molecular metabolic fingerprint of the sample, providing an alternative to the classical use of fluorescence labelled microscopy. The limitations in spatial resolution (especially in the case of infrared) are being improved by the development of vibrational techniques with resolution in the nanometer range, such as AFM-IR and the Tip enhanced Raman scattering (TERS). TERS and nano-FTIR are the vanguard of the nano-microspectroscopy and allow the acquisition of hyperspectral chemical images with nanometer spatial resolution. In the MCfB we are combining AFM with IR and Raman for the investigation of biological materials, including:

AFM-TERS technique provides an excellent way to study DNA and investigate the molecular structure of terminal groups with nanometre resolution. In a recent study we have demonstrated the potential of this technique to assess the susceptibility of bonds to radiation damage.

Fig 1. Analysis of DNA by TERS

Fig 2. Analysis of Amyloid biophysics by TERS

Fig 3. Analysis of Bacteria by AFM-IR

Fig 4. Analysis of red blood cells by IR