Patents - Awarded

1. PCT/AU2014/000080. “Method and system for rapid malaria detection”.

Awarded – United States. Patent number 9,983,130. 29 May 2018.

2.PCT/AU2015/000631. “Method and System for Detection of Disease Agents in Blood”.

Awarded-  United States. Patent number 10,145,839. 4 December 2018.

Patent - International Phase Assessment

3. PCT/IB2017/055028. "Spectroscopic Systems and Methods for Identification and Quantification of Pathogens". Filed 19 August 2017.

4. U.S. Provisional Application entitled “Systems and methods for spectral detection of drug-resistant pathogens", filed on March 13, 2019 and assigned U.S. Application No.62/818,039;