Research Supervisors - School of Mathematical Sciences

Supervisor Name Research Areas Telephone Email address


Dr Yann Bernard Functional analysis, harmonic analysis, geometric analysis, elliptic and parabolic PDEs, variational calculus.  +61 3 990 54462
Dr Julie Clutterbuck Eigenvalues, parabolic equations, heat flow, geometric analysis, calculus of variations, geometric evolution equations, mean curvature flow.  +61 3 990 54521
Dr Heiko Dietrich Algebra and its computational aspects: group theory and p-groups, lie algebras, computing with matrix groups. Computer algebra systems GAP and Magma. +61 3 990 54771
Dr Norman Do Geometry, topology, combinatorics and mathematical physics, enumerative geometry, moduli spaces of curves, Gromov-Witten theory, graphs on surfaces, matrix models and topological recursion. +61 3 990 54432
Dr Jerome Droniou Theoretical and numerical analysis of partial differential equations, elliptic and parabolic equations, Scalar conservation laws with non-local fractional power of the Laplace operator (Levy operator). +61 3 990 54489
A/Prof Zihua Guo Harmonic analysis: boundedness in function spaces for linear/multilinear operators related to the Fourier restriction problem and PDEs, function spaces. Nonlinear evolutionary PDEs arising in mathematical physics. +61 3 990 59647
Dr Andy Hammerlindl Dynamical systems and ergodic theory.  Interactions between geometry, topology, and dynamics.  +61 3 990 54416
Dr Daniel Horsley Steiner triple systems and other combinatorial designs, colourings of combinatorial designs, cycle decompositions of graphs and other graph decomposition problems. +61 3 990 54459
Dr Daniel Mathews Contact and symplectic topology, hyperbolic geometry, Heegaard Floer homology, and topological quantum field theory. +61 3 990 24941
A/Prof Oliynyk Partial differential equations, singular limits of symmetric hyperbolic systems, geometric PDE's, general relativity, Newtonian limit, post-Newtonian expansions, Einstein-Yang-Mills, gravitating perfect fluids and elastic bodies, geometric flows, Ricci flow, renormalization group flow. +61 3 990 54433
A/Prof Burkard Polster Finite and topological geometry, combinatorial designs, group theory, history of mathematics, classical interpolation theory, computer visualisation, mathematics education and outreach. +61 3 990 54493
A/Prof Jessica Purcell Topology and geometry, particularly hyperbolic geometry and 3-manifolds, and applications to knot theory.  +61 3 990 54490

Prof Ian Wanless Latin squares and other combinatorial matrices; quasigroups, matrix permanents, graph theory (matchings, factorisations, random graphs), enumeration algorithms for combinatorial objects. +61 3 990 54442
Prof David Wood Discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science, with an emphasis on structural graph theory, geometric graph theory, graph colouring, graph drawing, and combinatorial geometry. +61 3 990 54417
Prof Nick Wormald Random structures and probabilistic combinatorics, graph theory, enumeration of graphs and maps, asymptotic enumeration and minimal Steiner trees. Solving combinatorial problems using real and complex analysis, probability and stochastic processes, and generating functions. +61 3 990 54452


Dr Leo Brewin Numerical solution of Einstein's equations, numerical algorithms. +61 3 9905 4456
Prof Paul Cally Solar physics, magnetohydrodynamics, helioseismology, MHD waves. +61 3 990 54471
Dr Simon Clarke Evolution of nonlinear waves in geophysical fluid dynamics, numerical modelling meteorology, modeling density-stratified fluids.      +61 3 990 54421
Dr Tiangang Cui
Computational Inverse problems; data assimilation; Model reduction; PDE-constrained optimisation; Markov chain Monte Carlo; Computational geophysics; Subsurface modelling (oil/gas and geothermal)
+61 3 990 59870
Dr Kengo Deguchi Dynamical systems theory picture of purely- and magneto-hydro dynamic turbulence, and asymptotic analysis of coherent vortices in it. +61 3 990 54412
Prof Hans De Sterck Numerical methods for computational and data science, numerical linear algebra, numerical optimization, numerical methods for PDEs, multilevel methods, parallel and distributed computing.       +61 3 990 56294
Dr Alina-Catalina Donea Solar flares and solar quakes, helioseismic holograph, high energy astrophysics of black holes and relativistic jets, ultra high energy cosmic rays. +61 3 990 54488
Dr Jerome Droniou Theoretical and numerical analysis of partial differential equations, elliptic and parabolic equations, scalar conservation laws with non-local fractional power of the Laplace operator (Levy operator). +61 3 990 54489 Jerome.Droniou@monash.
Prof Andreas Ernst Operations Research, Integer Programming, Meta-heuristics, Applications of optimisation in logistics, mining & rostering. +61 3 9905 4455
Dr Mark Flegg Mathematical modelling of biological and chemical processes, including cell behaviour and interaction, reaction-diffusion processes, tissue morphogenesis and signal transduction. Modelling ultrasound interaction with cancellous bone. +61 3 990 20596
Prof Phil Hall Geomorphology, turbulence, fluid dynamics.  +61 3 990 54448
A/Prof Michael Page Theoretical and computational fluid dynamics; rotating fluid flows; high-Reynolds-number flows; computational partial differential equations in biological applications. +61 3 990 54486
Dr Janosch Rieger Control theory, numerical dynamics, optimisation, convex and set-valued analysis. +61 3 990 20579
Dr Anja Slim Theoretical, numerical, and experimental fluid dynamics, especially relevant to geology and industrial processes. +61 3 990 58619


Dr Andrea Collevecchio Stochastic processes, large deviations and applications to statistical mechanics, random graph theory, self-interacting random processes, urn models.  +61 3 990 54404
A/Prof Tim Garoni Mathematical physics, statistical mechanics, combinatorics (probability on graphs), Markov chain Monte Carlo methods, stochastic cellular automata, modeling traffic flow on networks. +61 3 990 54400
Dr Jane Gao Probabilistic combinatorics, theoretical computer science, algorithms, asymptotic enumeration, analysis of random structures and processes.  +61 3 990 54413
A/Prof Kais Hamza General theory of stochastic processes, representation properties for martingales, markov jump processes, applications of stochastic processes to modelling of financial markets. +61 3 990 54453
A/Prof Jonathan Keith Bayesian statistics, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods, bioinformatics, computational biology, comparative genomics, functional genomics, phylogenetics, genetic epidemiology, genome-wide association studies, linkage analysis, stylometry. +61 3 990 20890
Prof Fima Klebaner Stochastic processes, probability; stochastic models, populations models, financial mathematics, volatility, market models, martingales, random perturbations, applied probability. +61 3 990 54409
A/Prof Gregoire Loeper Non-linear PDEs: Elliptic & parabolic PDEs, PDEs of fluid mechanics and kinetics, Optimal transportation and Monge-Ampere Equation.
Mathematical Finance: Stochastic Control, Numerical Methods for Finance, Exotic products pricing methods.
 +61 3 990 54426
Dr Gregory Markowsky Stochastic processes, Markov chains, complex analysis, probability on graphs, financial mathematics. +61 3 990 54487
A/Prof Tianhai Tian Mathematical modelling of complex biological systems, including genetic regulatory networks, cell signalling transduction pathways, and cancer therapy. Inference of genetic regulation from omics datasets. Numerical simulation of stochastic chemical reaction systems. Numerical solutions for stiff stochastic differential equations. Parallel computing. +61 3 990 54474

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