Alisha Negi

Alisha Negi

Alisha Negi

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Degree type: Double Degree
  • Year commenced: 2015
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Education (Honours) and Bachelor of Science
  • Major(s): Chemistry
  • Minor(s): Mathematics

Why did you decide to study Science?

I have always been interested in exploring (or in language of chemistry you could say the ‘mechanism’ of) how things worked the way they did, rather than just learning surface information.

What made you choose Monash University in particular?  

The close-knitted community vibe that Monash radiated and the SSLC (Science Student Learning Lounge) made me realise this is where I belong.

What is your favourite aspect of studying science?

Getting to see the practical side of theory you learn in those chemistry lectures being put into practice in the labs and somehow magically the theory starts to click and the world makes more sense again.

What do you plan to do when you graduate?

Fostering love and appreciation for chemistry in students a.k.a teaching chemistry to high school students.

If you were talking to a VCE student who wanted to study science but wasn’t sure which uni to pick, what would you tell them about Monash?

I would definitely highlight to the student about the inclusive community we have at Monash University. From having our own 24 hour science lounge to always having wealth of people supporting you, whether it is science advisors to having a second year mentor. It really eases that transition phase from VCE to a university atmosphere. I would highly encourage them to attend open days and especially visit the science precinct and the science events/lectures of the subjects they are interested in studying, at Open day as it really gives you more insight into what life is like at Monash University and what it has to offer to the students.  Lastly I would reassure them that, down the track if they realise this might not be the right university for them, THEY ALWAYS HAVE OPTIONS and it is never too late to start on a course at a university, you love!”

What has been the highlight of your science degree so far? The highlight of my science degree so far has been being selected for summer scholarship 2016 under Gerry Rayner and undertaking a project ‘exploring excellence in teaching in science.’ In this project, I had to explore and analyse what qualities students felt that educators need to have in order to be classified as an ‘excellent teacher’ and how this can be encouraged and fostered in educators in science faculty. AND been given the opportunity to become a science ambassador!

Do you have a favourite class/teacher/subject? What is it about this class/teacher/subject that you love? Chris Thompson is an educator that stands out for me. I can’t pinpoint an exact quality that makes him such a ‘favourite teacher’ among chem students, but it’s a mixture of qualities such as having a great sense of humour, an excellent way to deliver his content and most important of all ‘teaching at the level we students understand.’

What was the biggest misconception you had about studying science before you started your course? Science is very abstract to understand.

Are you involved in any extra-curricular activities? What have you gained from these activities? I tutor students at Monash Medical Centre Stepping Stones. I would definitely have to say I have developed ‘gallons of patience’. Patience to wait and keep on changing my teaching techniques or even employ a variety of different teaching style, until I know for sure learning is occurring. This process has just made me realise the importance of one of my favourite quotes “If a child can’t learn the way you teach, maybe you should teach the way they learn.”

Anything else you would like to share about your Monash Science experience? Volunteering in Monash Open days since my first year has been such an amazing experience and just having the opportunity to promote something I love studying (science) has been fantastic. I remember, last year at Open day while helping a student and her mother out as I answered their questions about the Science degree at Monash and the dual degree program Monash offers among a list of other question, I took the time out to answer each question to the best of my knowledge and experience and in a positive way in order to encourage the student. At the end of the conversation, the mother thanked and gave a hug. This experience stood out to me not only because I definitely felt appreciated for my efforts but because I felt like I genuinely really helped the student with all the questions she had and provided valuable insight coming from a student perspective.

Why did you become a Monash Science Ambassador? On top of having an opportunity to develop personal skills and networking with fellow students, I would be absolutely ecstatic in playing a key role in the promotion of the Faculty of Science programs and activities to both future and current students.

A piece of advice I live by/Lifehack: It’s never to late to change things around.

I’m currently listening to/watching….: I am currently reading the book ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’ by Norman Doidge.