Bachelor of Science Advanced – Research (Honours)

Do you see yourself making a difference in the world through the advancement of scientific research? If so, then this is the course for you.

As a scientist, you will play an important role in developing cutting edge technologies, therapies and initiatives that address some of the greatest challenges to society. You may be instrumental in policy making, research and teaching, addressing issues associated with health care and social well-being.  You  may  also be employed in traditional and emerging areas where expertise in life sciences, chemistry, geosciences, mathematics and statistics, computer sciences and the physical sciences is important.

Six really great reasons to choose this course:Bachelor of Science Advanced - Research (Honours) testimonial

1. Work alongside the world's best.
Our people can be found across the globe, finding answers to some of the most pressing questions of our time. This course connects you with these people, while working towards developing your own research strengths. Some of our students go on  to  do  PhD's with the world's best universities including Princeton, Harvard and other ivy leagues'.

2. Flexibility.
We're renowned for our flexible approach, which enables you to tailor your course to suit your strengths and interests. This course is no different. In consultation with our expert course advisors, you'll be able to accelerate your learning according to your  own  interests  and abilities, for example, by taking some second-year-level units in your first year of study.

3. Practical skills.
Students will graduate from this course with strong skills in teamwork, collaboration, communication, project management, and the ability to collect, organise, analyse, interpret and present data meaningfully. These skills are vital in a research context, and  can  be  applied to any career path.

4. Mentors – student.
As a first year student you will be part of a peer mentoring group, connecting you with third year students in the same course making sure your first year is the best in can be.

5. Mentors – academic.
You'll also be connected with one of our leading academics as your mentor. They will be an ideal resource to connect you with other scientific research being undertaken in the science faculty, introduce you to your potential future supervisor (or maybe  they'll  end  up your supervisor), and provide you with career advice and guidance.

6. Your very own common room.
Need a quiet place to study? Want to chat with your fellow course colleagues? Opened in 2015, the Science advanced student common room is for our Advanced Research and Global Challenges students only. Equipped with whiteboards, mini-kitchen, study  desks  and  lounges, this is your place to make your own on campus.

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