Extinct Australian animals immortalised in artistic book

Artistic Impressions of Our Lost Wildlife Benjamin Gray.

Congratulations to Monash Science, and Master of Environment and Sustainability graduate Ben Gray on the publication of a stunning artistic book which showcases images and stories about Australian animals lost to extinction.

Extinct is a collection of artworks from established and emerging Australian fine artists, each depicting an Australian animal that has already, for various reasons, tumbled over the edge into extinction. Extinct laments their loss, but also celebrates their former existence, diversity and significance. The stunning artworks are accompanied by stories of each animal, highlighting the importance of what we have lost, so that we appreciate what we have not lost yet.

Published by CSIRO Publishing this week the book includes 39 extinct animals, while there are 121 currently considered critically endangered.

Author Ben Gray is an ecologist and historian whose work aims to explore the ethical and emotional significance of extinction, interactions between human and non-human animals in modern society, and the serious social, economic and environmental consequences of global biodiversity loss. He is a self-taught artist and keen follower of the Arts in Australia and internationally.

Extinct features original art from over 40 contemporary and distinguished Australian artists. It highlights many species never before depicted or photographed, or for which only a handful of visual references exist.

The book provides descriptions and fascinating facts about these lost species, their behaviour and biology.

It includes previously unheard stories of these extinct animals, drawn from Indigenous histories, colonial commerce and European settlement.

It also features a foreword and artwork from Brook Garru Andrew and poetry by Mark Tredinnick.

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