Master of Environment and Sustainability students under the international spotlight

MES-international spotlight
Luke Richards (left) and Ridwanur Rahman (right).

Monash University Master of Environment and Sustainability students, Luke Richards and Ridwanur Rahman have won highly competitive scholarships to attend the prestigious International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) in New York.

The international conference brings together students from the world’s top universities and leaders in academia, public and private sectors and civil society to discuss ways of moving forward to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Luke Richards hopes learning from the leaders of global sustainable development at ICSD, will inspire and drive the remainder of his degree.

“In the interest of providing solutions to sustainable smart-agriculture, I will present recommendations of funding models that may be used to enable the integration of the Internet of Things in developing world small scale agriculture,” Luke said.

As 70 percent of the world’s produce comes from small scale agriculture, Luke believes that “rolling out smart-agriculture practices through the use of IoT will prove to be paramount in achieving such optimal resource use”.

Ridwanur Rahman feels “extremely honoured and privileged to receive one of the four Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI) Travel Scholarships for being a part of the Monash delegation to the ICSD 2019”.

Ridwanur will present a poster showcasing the Government of Bangladesh approach towards achieving the SDGs.

“The Government of Bangladesh has adopted a ‘whole of society’ approach for implementation and attainment of the SDGs. The poster will show how the SDG implementation process has involved all key stakeholders and details the vital role SDGs played in the preparation stage of the national strategic plan.”

The two-day international conference will commence on September 24th at Alfred Lerner Hall, Columbia University in New York.

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