Monash chemistry researchers to play a key role in the new $35 million ARC Centre of Excellence for Enabling Eco Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals

 Professor San Hoa Thang AC
The Monash node, will be led by Professor San Hoa Thang AC.

Monash scientists will be part of a new $35M Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence which will focus on how to make operations more efficient for mineral separation.

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals, announced by the Government this week, will be based and led by the University of Newcastle.

The University of Newcastle will collaborate with experts at seven Australian universities, CSIRO and with 10 academic and industry partner organisations from Australia, Europe and America.

The Centre is tasked with developing innovative processes to achieve more selective, faster, and efficient separations of minerals from ores, through a significant reduction in cost, environmental impact, and through lower energy and water usage.

The Centre also seeks to establish a new generation of scientists and research leaders in minerals beneficiation to support the innovation needed by engaging more than 70 doctoral and 15 post-doctoral researchers working towards achieving ‘transformational’ solutions, across multiple research disciplines.

The Monash node, led by Faculty of Science, School of Chemistry Professor San Hoa Thang AC, will receive $3.06 million over seven years. Both Professor Thang AC and Dr Boon Mian Teo are chief investigators involved in two of the three research programs of the CoE.

Professor Thang AC is a key co-inventor of the RAFT process that has generated enormous interest and impact in academia and industry worldwide. Dr Teo is known for her research in emulsion polymerisation, ultrasonics, and colloidal particle structures.

“We will be applying this sophisticated and industrially friendly process to develop the design and synthesis of polymers desired for the Centre,” Professor Thang said.

“We will utilise these to novel separation systems to minimise the loss of high value minerals and develop innovative ways to achieve impactful outcomes for the Centre,” Professor Thang said.

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