Monash Science Early Career Researchers awarded over $1.3 million for chemical sustainability research

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Monash Science researchers have been awarded $1,333,000 million under the Australian Research Council’s (ARC’s) Early Career Industry Fellowships as part of the Industry Fellowships Program.

Congratulations to the three successful researchers from the School of Chemistry: Drs Hoang-Long Du, Karolina Matuszek and Tam Nguyen whose research projects will transform sustainable production processes.

The ARC has announced the award of $22 million nationally for 50 Early Career Industry Fellowships. Monash University received $3,428,008 for eight projects, three of which were allocated to the Faculty of Science for research led by the School of Chemistry.

The successful funding recipients include:

Dr Hoang-Long Du

Awarded: $453,000

Project: High-performance ammonia electrosynthesis devices

Key Industry Partner: Jupiter Ionics Pty Ltd

This project aims to develop a robust process for electrosynthesis of ammonia using devices manufactured by Melbourne company Jupiter Ionics Pty Ltd and innovative electrolyte components. Towards this aim, tailored ionshuttling compounds need to be designed and investigated to enable continuous generation of ammonia in scaled-up flow devices.

This is expected to generate new knowledge in practical electrochemistry, catalysis and sustainable synthesis. Key project outcome is a technology for production of ammonia from renewables that is pollution-free and highly scalable in contrast to the current process.

Dr Karolina Matuszek

Awarded: $430,000

Project: Phase Change Materials for Renewable Energy Storage

Key Industry Partner: Boron Molecular Pty Ltd

This project aims to develop a new generation of phase change materials (PCMs) and their scaled-up, sustainable production processes to advance the technology of thermal energy storage. The significance of this proposal stems from its potential to boost renewable energy penetration and uptake by creating inexpensive and reliable energy storage technologies based on PCMs and thermal batteries.

Working with partners Boron Molecular Pty Ltd and Energy Storage Pty Ltd the anticipated outcomes of this project will be practical and accessible energy storage devices that can be implemented at various distributed levels and integrated into existing supply networks, providing cheap energy in the form of heat and electricity from zero-carbon sources.

Dr Tam Nguyen

Awarded: $450,000

Project: Scalable high-performance electrolytic hydrogen generator

Key Industry Partner: Energys Australia Pty Ltd

The project aims to demonstrate energy-efficient generation of compressed hydrogen by water electrolysis in a high-pressure electrolyser test-rig produced by Melbourne company Energys Australia Pty Ltd, using high-performance membrane-electrode assemblies. Innovative electrode architectures, membranes, and method for their high through-put lamination will be developed.

New knowledge in catalysis, device fabrication and materials science is expected to be generated. The major project outcome is sustainable method for generation of compressed hydrogen at significantly reduced cost as compared to the existing technologies. Benefits include industry-ready processes for electrolyser and hydrogen production that support Australian energy industries.

For more information on the ARC Industrial Fellowships, please visit the ARC website.

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