Monash Science researchers awarded just over $5 million for Australian Research Council Discovery Projects

Faculty of Science researchers have been awarded $5,176,208 for Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Projects (DPs).

The ARC announced funding of more than $221 million for 478 new projects through the ARC Discovery Projects scheme.

Monash University was successful with 46 applications with 11 of those applications secured by Faculty of Science researchers. The University was awarded $22,581,688.

The DP scheme aims to support research and research training; promote national and international research collaboration; and enhance the scale and focus of research in Australian Government priority areas.

In this latest funding round the Faculty of Science achieved a success rate of 18.3% compared to 16.3% for Monash and 18.5% for national results.

Welcoming the announcement Monash Science Dean Professor Jordan Nash said the success in attracting this highly competitive funding confirmed the excellence of the research activity in the Faculty.

“On behalf of the Faculty, I congratulate all of our talented and committed researchers who continue to strive for excellence,” Professor Nash said.

“The Discovery Projects led by the Faculty of Science reflect the strength of our research initiatives and our ability to deliver positive impact.”

Successful Science-led projects include:

School of Biological Sciences

A/Prof Alistair Evans;Prof Joy Richman;Dr Daniel Field

Project: A universal power law for growth and diversity of dinosaur and bird beaks

Funding: $529,060

Prof Dustin Marshall;Asst Prof Naomi Levine;Dr Holly Moeller;Prof Dr Helmut Hillebrand

Project: Determining the links between size and function in phytoplankton

Funding: $468,901

A/Prof Francine Marques;Prof Charles Mackay;Dr Joanne O'Donnell

Project: Unravelling the maternal gut microbiome as a driver of fetal development

Funding: $933,439

School of Chemistry

Prof San Thang;Dr Bo Fan;Dr Jiali Zhai;Prof Bin Liu

Project: A platform technology for developing mesoporous polymer particles

Funding: $592,792

School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment:

Dr Martin Singh

Project: A theory for the vertical structure of tropical atmospheric circulations

Funding: $494,105

School of Mathematics:

Dr Kengo Deguchi;Prof Philip Hall;Prof Genta Kawahara

Project: How do vortices live in spatio-temporally complex flows?

Funding: $442,443

A/Prof Andrea Collevecchio;A/Prof Timothy Garoni;Prof Kais Hamza

Project: Self-interacting random walks

Funding: $514,043

School of Physics and Astronomy

Prof German Valencia;Dr Sally Dawson

Project: Extracting subtle hints for new phenomena at the Large Hadron Collider

Funding: $428,270

Dr Kaye Morgan;Prof David Paganin;Dr Marie-Christine Zdora;A/Prof Marcus Kitchen

Project: Dark-field: A new kind of x-ray imaging

Funding: $650,507

Prof Peter Skands;Prof Ulrik Egede;Dr Michal Kreps

Project: Beautiful strings

Funding: $757,333

Prof Eric Thrane;A/Prof Paul Lasky

Project: A transdimensional approach to gravitational-wave astronomy

Funding: $739,201

For further information about the excellent basic and applied research funded by the ARC through the Discovery Projects scheme, please visit Discovery Projects.

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