New joint internship program for the Master of Financial Mathematics and CSIRO’s Data61


The Master of Financial of Mathematics has signed a landmark partnership with CSIRO’s Data61 to run its industry placement program.

The industry placement is a key component of the Masters program, and the agreement with Data61 represents an outstanding opportunity to enhance this part of the program.

Within Data61, the RiskLab team will host Masters students working on either industry-sourced projects, or on Data61-RiskLab initiatives.

"This partnership will provide an ideal environment for students to work on real-life problems, while evolving under supervision of a highly qualified financial engineering team,” said director of the Master of Financial Mathematics program, Professor Gregoire Loeper.

“We are already engaging with several industry partners for the industry placement program, but with this partnership Data61 is really committing to our program, and this really adds value to our program,” said Professor Loeper.

Data61’s RiskLab is affiliated with the RiskLab global network as the Australian node.  It is a multi-disciplinary R&D centre for developing the latest methodologies and technologies in actuarial sciences, econometrics, applied math and statistics as well as financial mathematics.

Dr Zili Zhu, the Director of RiskLab, said:

“Our focus is on developing and delivering innovative solutions that can benefit the industry directly. The partnership with the Monash Financial Mathematics program enables the financial engineering team at RiskLab to work with the interns to explore new technologies and solutions of interest to the industry.”

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