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Making money from food waste

Making money from food waste - Monash innovation changing industry

Researchers from the Monash University's School of Chemistry in an international collaboration with IITB (India) are working with the Food Innovation Centre, industry and farmers to help them transform food waste into profits - while

Chemistry 17 July, 2018

Monash Mathematician to join renowned physicist Professor Brian Cox on the ABC’s Stargazing Live Series

Stargazing enthusiasts will be taken on a stunning journey through space with Stargazing Live a show airing on the ABC featuring renowned physicist Professor Brian Cox and a panel of six scientists - including Monash’s very own Dr Alina

Mathematics 17 May, 2018

Food Incubator Program ‘graduates’ at the Monash Food Innovation Centre spearhead the foods of tomorrow

Healthy bake mixes, natural low-salt seasoning, high-protein beef jerkys, and nut butters that are good for you and the planet, are among the first successful outcomes from the first hand-picked startups to complete one of the most robust

General News 10 May, 2018

Stargazing world record

Break a world record with us on Wednesday 23 May by joining the largest stargazing session with thousands of other Australians.

Physics and Astronomy 4 May, 2018
The Minister for Health, the Hon. Greg Hunt MP (right) with the Co-Directors of the Monash Centre of Biospectroscopy, Dr Phil Heraud (left) and Associate Professor Bayden Wood (centre).

Federal government funds Monash scientists to tackle time-critical sepsis disease

The Federal government has announced around $300,000 in funding to Biotech Resources in partnership with the Monash Centre for Biospectroscopy to combat sepsis – one of the leading causes of hospital deaths in Australia.

Chemistry 17 April, 2018
Climate change

Monash scientists partner in new ARC centre on extreme weather and climate

Monash Science is set to play a key role in studying climate change with the appointment of four top researchers from the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment to the new ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes.

Earth Atmosphere and Environment 11 April, 2018
Nova Team Rover

To Mars and beyond – Monash team first in Southern Hemisphere to compete in Rover challenge finals

Monash University’s Nova Rover Team has become the first Australian student group to be selected to compete in the University Rover Challenge, an international competition to design and build the next generation of Mars rovers that will one

General News 10 April, 2018
Actress Anita Zieher in Curie, Meitner, Lamarr: Indivisible

International play to highlight the plight of three pioneer women scientists

We like to think we have come a long way, but have we?

In the days of pioneering French chemist and physicist Marie Curie society regarded science as a male endeavour.

General News 6 July, 2017
Professor Eric Wieschaus

Medicine Nobel Laureate provides sage advice for science and students

“The most exciting thing about being a scientist,” according to Nobel Laureate Professor Eric Wieschaus, “is being dragged into areas that you know nothing about.”

General News 26 June, 2017