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breaking down glass to make it stronger

A structural issue: breaking down glass to make it stronger

For most of us, a glass of water doesn’t appear to be an unfathomable mystery, but for Monash materials scientist Amelia Liu, it represents one of the “grand challenges” of physics.

Physics and Astronomy 9 March, 2019
This NW Argentian outcrop

Researchers shed new light on the pulse of plate tectonics

Monash researchers have shown for the first time that the melting of rocks within the Earth’s continental crust occurs in ‘pulses’.

Earth Atmosphere and Environment 7 February, 2019

Monash chemists drive birth of a new field of chemistry

In a scientific world-first, work by Monash chemists has paved the way for the birth of a completely new field of chemistry.

Chemistry 6 August, 2018
Bismuth Crystal

Science awarded NHMRC grant to tackle antimicrobial resistance

The Faculty of Science has received a win in today’s NHMRC funding announcement with almost $500,000 allocated to combating antimicrobial resistance in hospitals and health-care facilities

Chemistry 11 October, 2017
Colloid glass

Monash scientists develop new technique for measuring atomic order in glass

Researchers have identified and demonstrated a new method to measure local order in glass - a challenging class of material.

Chemistry 14 September, 2017
Summit of the Avacha volcano, Kamchatka, Far East Russia.

Monash Earth Scientists involved in discovery of a new mineral

In the harshest of environments in far-east Russia, Monash scientists have played a leading role in the discovery of a new mineral, which could revolutionise the future of the mining industry.

Earth Atmosphere and Environment 4 July, 2017
Isotopia Lab, School of Earth Atmosphere and Environment

$2 million Isotopia lab to provide new insights about the Earth

Monash University is set to play a leading role in geochemistry research following the opening of a new $2 million world-class research facility.

Industry and Partnership 27 June, 2017
Emeritus Professors Glen Deacon and Keith Murray

Monash University awards first 50 year service medals to two chemists

50 years of inspiring generations of chemists. School of Chemistry's Emeritus Professors Glen Deacon and Keith Murray have been awarded the 50 Year Service Medal for academics.

General News 1 June, 2017