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Left to Right: Professor Rocky de Nys and Bruno Pais from Pacific Biotechnologies and Monash Science students Daniel Malkinson and Rodrigo Garcia-Mulder

Science students look at nature to tackle water pollution

Water pollution issues are becoming increasingly common globally as water-intensive industries are growing and more people walk this earth.

Student News 9 October, 2019
Cow herds

Managing manure - there could be an app for that

The Victorian dairy industry is trending towards more intensive dairy production and larger herds.

Student News 3 October, 2019

Medicated rivers and waterways, a risk for stream animals, study finds

A world-first international study led by a Monash scientist has found that six streams in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs contain a cocktail of pharmaceuticals, which may put platypuses and other aquatic animals at risk as they could consume

Chemistry 7 November, 2018
mosquito fish

Antidepressants in waterways disturb fish behaviour, study finds

A new study led by Monash biologists has found that male fish exposed to the antidepressant fluoxetine (commonly marketed as ProzacTM) are spending more time pursuing female fish for sex.

Biology 5 October, 2018
Pollutants disrupt female fish sex life Credit: Pierson Hill

Cow steroid pollutants in waterways disrupt the mating habits of female fish, study finds

An international study led by the Monash School of Biological Sciences has found that female fish are less interested in sex if they have been exposed to environmental contaminants associated with livestock production.

Biology 1 March, 2018
Amber Clarke and Rebecca Pell

A passion for the nature of things

Two alumni have forged careers devoted to protecting the environment.

Alumni 27 December, 2017