Latest News

05 March 2018 - Congratulations! Mike Dawkins from the Jones group for been awarded his PhD degree.

01 March 2018 - Arif Earsad joined the group from IIT Mumbai as a PhD student.

26 February 2018 - Cory Smith joined the group as a PhD student from Oxford University,UK. Aslo, Christopher Rosengarten has started his Honours with the group after completing his undergraduate at Monash University.

8 January 2018 - Dafydd Jones has joined the group as a PhD student after completing his undergraduate studies at Oxford University, UK. Also, Yuvaraj K has joined us as a SERB sponsored postdoctoral fellow from IIT Madras.

14 September 2017 - Bayan Mohajeri joined the group from Cardiff University for his research placement.

23 May 2017 - Cameron has been elected to the Australian Academy of Science. Click here to watch his lecture at The Shine Dome in Canberra.