Research Supervisors - School of Physics

Supervisor NameResearch AreasTelephoneEmail address
Dr Russell AndersonUltra cold quantum gases; their spin degrees of freedom and wave/function engineering+61 3 9905
A/Prof. Csaba BalazsSupersymmery; extra dimensions; collider phenomenology; LHC; ILC; electroweak symmetry breaking; astro-particle physics; cosmology; dark matter detection; baryogenesis; dark energy.+61 3 9902
Dr Alexis BishopFocusing jets of neutral molecules and atoms; slowing molecular beams; trapping neutral molecules; cooling free molecules to subkelvin temperatures; atom optics; optical tweezers.+61 3 9905
Dr Michael BrownObservational astronomy; galaxy evolution; wide-field imaging surveys; galaxies and dark matter halos.+61 3 9905
Dr Scott FindlayAtomic resolution spectroscopic imaging; chemical mapping; atomic resolution confocal electron microscopy.+61 3 9902
Prof. Michael FuhrerDirac Electronic Materials. This involves the study of electronic materials which are intrinsically structured at the nanoscale, either by virtue of their physical structure (grapheme and carbon nanotubes, or CNTs) or because they exhibit an emergent topological phase (strong topological insulators, or STIs) with a metallic electronic surface state.+61 3 9905
Dr Duncan GallowayObservational X-ray astronomy; equation of state for neutron stars; thermonuclear bursts in neutron stars; rapidly rotating neutron stars.+61 3 9902
Prof. Kristian HelmersonBose-Einstein condensates; atom optics; quantum non-equilibrium phenomena; condensed matter analogs; single molecule biophysics; biomembranes+61 3 9905
Dr Marcus KitchenPhase contrast X-ray imaging technique development for biomedical applications; phase retrieval; image segmentation; diagnostic imaging.+61 3 9905
Dr Jasmina Lazendic-GallowayParticle acceleration in supernova remnants (SNRs); interaction of SNRs with the interstellar medium; observation of young SNRs; search for new pulsars.+61 3 9905
Dr Yuri LevinTheoretical astrophysics; supermassive black holes; neutron stars; gravitational waves.+61 3 9905
Dr Kaye MorganPhase contrast X-ray imaging; Synchrotron imaging; High resolution medical imaging+61 3 9905
Prof. Michael Morgan (Head of School)Topological defects, particle cosmology, geometric phases in physics, inverse problems, X-ray phase contrast imaging and nanodynamics +61 3 9905
A/Prof. David PaganinPhase retrieval; diffraction theory; inverse problems; BECs; Maslov indices in quantum systems; geometric phases; coherence theory; X-ray lithography; non-linear fields.+61 3 9905
Daniele PellicciaX-ray diffraction imaging and microscopy; Synchrotron radiation; Phase retrieval; Statistical optics.+61 3 9905
Dr Tapio SimulaComputational physics of Bose-Einstein condensates; quantized vortices; topological excitations; vortex waves and quantum turbulence; quenched chaotic dynamical systems.+61 3 9905
Dr Karen SiuSmall angle X-ray scattering; phase contrast X-ray imaging.+61 3 9902
Dr Imants SvalbeDiscrete image transforms; nonlinear filtering; medical imaging.+61 3 9905
Dr Lincoln TurnerMagnetometry based on spinor Bose-Einstein condensates for measuring very weak magnetic fields at the micron scale.+61 3 9905
Professor Alexander Heger   
Professor John Lattanzio   
A/Professor Daniel Price   
Dr Rosemary Mardling   
Dr Dr Amanda Karakas   
Dr Paul Lasky   
Dr Jasmina Lazendic-Galloway