Evolutionary Biology

Evolutionary Biology"Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution". Our school hosts a vibrant community of evolutionary biologists whose goal is to understand the genetic processes and selective forces that drive evolutionary change. Evolutionary biology in our school is clustered into three hubs:

  1. Evolutionary Genomics and Quantitative Genetics: whose researchers explore the molecular signatures and genetic architectures underlying animal and plant life-histories.
  2. Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology: whose researchers explore the evolution of life-histories under natural and sexual selection, and constraints on adaptation through genomic and sexual conflict.
  3. Evolution and Development: whose researchers study the relationship between developmental processes and phylogeny, using genetic and morphological approaches in both model species and in the fossil record.


Dowling, Damian
Damian's research focuses on the dynamics of life-history evolution. A core goal is to understand the evolutionary processes that shape our energy producing genes.
Wong, Bob
Bob is interested in the evolution of animal mating systems and behaviour, and how investment in sex influences reproductive strategies and biological diversity.
Peters, Anne
Anne's research area is behaviour and ecology of wild birds, with a focus on physiological mechanisms and implications of life-history trade-offs.
Sunnucks, Paul
Paul's group applies field biology, ecological genomics/genetics and spatial environmental analysis to the population biology of animals under natural and human-impacted.
Marshall, Dustin
Dustin is an evolutionary ecologist who uses marine invertebrates as a model for understanding the phenotypic links among life-history stages and the eco-evolutionary dynamics of marine communities.
Bowman, John
John researches the genetic and molecular basis of pattern formation in plant development and the evolution of land plant morphology.
Evans, Alistair
Alistair researches mammal morphological evolution, particularly of teeth, using techniques such as 3D imaging and analysis.
Burd, Martin
As an evolutionary biologist Martin researches plant evolutionary ecology as well as behaviour and social organisation in ant colonies.
Chapple, David
Dave's research spans invasion biology, behavioural and evolutionary ecology, population and conservation genetics, phylogenetics and phylogeography.
Reina, Richard
Richard investigates ecophysiology of animals including sharks, penguins, turtles and frogs, and is interested in their responses to environmental challenge with application to conservation.
Sgrò, Carla
Carla researches the genetic basis of adaptation to environmental change. How evolutionary processes can be incorporated into biodiversity conservation is a focus.
Hodgins, Kay
Kay researches plant evolution in human altered environments, plan adaptation to climate change, crop evolution and the evolution of plant sexual systems.
Hall, Matt
Matt is an evolutionary biologist who studies the genetics of host-parasite interactions, life-history tradeoffs and ageing using Daphnia as a model system.