Joslin Moore

Dr Joslin Moore

Senior Lecturer
Head, Plant Ecology and Conservation Research Group

T: +61 3 9905 0799 

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Research Overview

Joslin's research uses ecological theory and models to solve and inform applied ecological problems that will aid in the conservation and sustainable management of our natural resources. Joslin works with practitioners to address invasive species management problems using decision theory, population models and other quantitative tools. Her research interests include the theory of the origin and maintenance of biological diversity, grassland ecology, predicting the impact of exotic species, developing management strategies for their control and using structured decision making, optimisation tools and decision theory for improved conservation management.

Current research projects include:

  • using decision theory, models and structured decision making to improve the management of invasive willows in alpine Victoria.
  • untangling the drivers of productivity, diversity and invasion in grasslands. I have established a site in alpine Victoria as part of the global NutNet cooperative grassland experiment.
  • measuring detectability and incorporating imperfect detection into plant surveillance and monitoring protocols
  • developing and testing optimal and adaptive surveillance protocols for monitoring rare plants and the control of invasive plants species as case studies.
  • understanding the role of gardening as a pathway for the introduction and spread of invasive species.
  • restoration and management of native grasslands in the Melbourne region.

Research Group

Research Fellows

  • Dr Abbey Camaclang
  • Dr Cat Mills
  • Dr Cindy Hauser

PhD Students

  • Emily De Stigter
  • Emma Bennett