James Warren


Emeritus Professor James Warren

James Warren

Emeritus Professor

Head of Department 1968-1994
Dean of Faculty of Science (1994-1996)


Jim's move to Australia from the United States in 1962 catalysed the beginning of a long and distinguished career at Monash University. Upon his arrival Jim took up a lectureship in the Department of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy (now the School of Biological Sciences). Jim's previous research had taken him to far flung reaches of the globe. He had previously worked as a mammalogist with an ecological survey of the arctic regions of Alaska and also studied the major paleontological collections in the USA.

He brought his passion for evolutionary biology to his new role, which led to Monash becoming the first University in Australia to actively research vertebrate palaeontology. In 1968 Jim was appointed as Professor and Head of Department. Over his many years at Monash as a teacher Jim had a particularly close association with first year Biology.

Jim's long-term position of Department Head came to an end in 1994 when he was offered the position of Dean of Faculty of Science (1994-1996), followed by the Pro Vice-Chancellorship of Monash University Malaysia. Upon retirement in 2000 James was appointed Emeritus Professor of Biology.