Susie Ho

Dr Susie Ho

Susie is passionate about designing and delivering innovative educational programs in science, relevant to our changing world.

As the Course Coordinator for the Master of Environment and Sustainability, she works to foster cross-disciplinary teaching and learning.

The Monash Master of Environment and Sustainability is designed to offer interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and specialist topics all within a single course. It was created by a range of University experts from different fields, who recognised that challenges in sustainability require interdisciplinary discussion and multidisciplinary solutions. This course aims to equip graduates with both the depth and breadth to deal with the complexity of global change.

Susie completed her undergraduate science degree, with Honours in ecology, at Monash University.

She went on to work at the Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre, where she conducted environmental monitoring and measured ecological responses to environmental flows. Susie enjoyed working on a broad range of aquatic systems and biota along the length and breadth of the Murray-Darling Basin. She became quite good at off-road driving.

In her PhD studies, Susie looked at factors that enable native and invasive species to coexist. She compared the population dynamics, diets and food web effects of invasive mosquitofish and endemic carp gudgeon in seasonal wetlands.

While completing her doctorate, Susie taught undergraduate biology students and discovered a passion for education. She went on to coordinate a range of subjects in the School of Biological Sciences.

Susie enjoys collaborating with both students and educators to foster new approaches to teaching and learning in environment and sustainability.