Coral Warr

Associate Professor Coral Warr

Associate Dean Research, Faculty of Science
Head, Coral Warr Research Group

Phone: +61 3 9905 5504

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Research Overview

We are interested in how cells detect signals from the environment or from each other both during development and in the adult organism. Understanding this is critical because dysregulation of cell signalling underlies many of the major diseases that afflict society, including cancer and obesity. Many of these signalling pathways are highly conserved between Drosophila and humans, and indeed many of the known molecular players were first identified using the powerful genetic approaches possible in Drosophila. Thus our findings are highly likely in the longer term to be translatable to humans and to understanding human growth disorders and cancer. Drosophila researchers have at hand many sophisticated genetic and molecular approaches available to study gene function, and to discover new genes involved in biological processes of interest.

We study cell signalling in a number of biological contexts, during embryo development, during growth and metabolism, and in the olfactory system. All of these are collaborative projects involving other researchers. As well as studying fundamental cell signalling we are also involved in collaborations to use the fly as a model organism for functional genomics to study human disease, in particular in disease gene discovery.

Research Group

Research Fellows

  • Dr Travis Johnson, ARC DECRA Fellow
  • Dr Linda Parsons
  • Dr Michelle Henstridge, NHMRC Early Career Fellow

Research Assistants

  • Karyn Moore
  • Dr Elizabeth Shaw

PhD Students

  • Melissa Saligari
  • Jade Kannangara
  • Daniel Bakopoulos
  • Arani Azim