BIO3021 - Marine Biology

General Unit Information

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Marine Biology deals with the biology of marine environments. Special emphasis is placed on the diversity, ecology and ecophysiology of marine organisms and the environments in which they live. Students will also be introduced to the physical and chemical characteristics of the marine environment and the diversity of the marine biota.

Topics of study will include the trophic structure of marine ecosystems, including primary and secondary production, microbial loops, foodwebs and their importance for marine fisheries. The implications of the characteristic life cycles of marine organisms to their ecology and geographical distribution will also be considered. These topics are placed in the context of specific marine ecosystems including coastal habitats (rocky intertidal zones, seagrass and mangrove systems, estuaries and kelp forests), coral reefs, open oceans and the deep sea. The lectures will conclude with a consideration of marine conservation and policy.

The practical component will be taught as a compulsory field course based on campus during February. This will teach problem solving skills for field and laboratory based research projects in marine habitats. Students who enrol in BIO3021 must attend the field trip to fulfill the practical component of the course.

For Semester 1, 2024 the field trip dates will be:

  • 11 to 16 February, 2024


  1. Describe the diversity and ecological importance of marine life
  2. Explain the fundamental physiochemical and physiological processes underlying the productivity of marine environments
  3. Explain the ecological dynamics of marine ecosystems
  4. Discuss the impact of human activity on the sustainability of marine ecosystems
  5. Demonstrate advanced scientific skills in project design, data collection, analysis and writing

Specific Unit Information

NameProf Dustin Marshall
Office hoursBy appointment - please e-mail
Technical Coordinator
NameDani Annese
Office location25Rnf/114
RecommendedMarine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology by Levinton, J.S. published by Oxford University Press, USA.
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