BIO3111 - Applied Ecology

General Unit Information

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Applied Ecology is concerned with managing the impact of human activities on the natural environment, such that the effects of human disturbance are minimised and protection and preservation of ecological communities is maximised. Specifically the course explores and evaluates the many ways in which ecological knowledge and concepts can be used to achieve positive outcomes in areas of conservation and natural resource management. It examines the many dimensions of environmental challenges and the tools and approaches for effectively managing natural systems.

The course will focus on a range of issues that are of current importance in both academic research areas and relevant policy areas for Australia and globally. The practical component will consist of three projects that directly relate to lecture content, with an emphasis on developing skills that will be relevant for careers in natural resource management. We hope you enjoy this unit and find it a valuable introduction to best practice environmental management.


On completion of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Describe the links between natural resource management and the ecological theory on which it is based;
  2. Understand and apply the principles of environmental management at local, regional, national and global scales;
  3. Employ tools to assist in making robust management decisions and critically assess their strengths and weaknesses;
  4. Evaluate the need to cater for genetic variation and evolutionary potential;
  5. Assess the social, economic, ethical and political considerations of resource management, and how they impact decisions.

Specific Unit Information

NamesDr. Carly Cook
Office hoursBy appointment - please e-mail
Technical Coordinator
NamesDani Annese
Office location25Rnf/114
Program for 2022
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