List of Units-2020

BIO1011: Blueprints for Life

BIO3111: Applied Ecology

BIO1022: Life on Earth

BIO3132: Biology of Australian Vertebrates

BIO1042: Life in the Environment

BIO3820: Tropical Terrestrial Biology

BIO2010: Data Science for Biologists

BIO3990: Biology in Action Research Project

BIO2011: Ecology & Biodiversity

BMS2042: Human Genetics

BIO2030: Food Security in a Changing World

ENV2022: Environmental Analysis 1: Sampling & Monitoring

BIO2040: Conservation Biology

ENS5010: Global Challenges and Sustainability

BIO2231: Animal Diversity

ENS5310: Securing Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

GEN2052: Genomics and Population Genetics

ENS5900: Research project in environment and sustainability

BIO2181: Evolution of Plant Diversity

FSC5070: Future food supply and security

BIO2242: Animal Structure & Function

GEN2041: Foundations of Genetics

BIO3011: Research Methods in Biology

GEN3010: Applied Bioinformatics (S2 2021)

BIO3020: Evolutionary Ecology (S1 2021)

GEN3030: Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Genetics

BIO3021: Marine Biology

GEN3040: Genomics and its Applications

BIO3052: Animal Behaviour

GEN3051: Medical and Forensic Genetics

BIO3070: Trends in Ecology

GEN3062: Evolutionary and Ecological Genetics

BIO3082: Global Change Biology

GEN3990: Genetics in Action Research Project

BIO3091: Biology of Australian Vegetation

GEN5010: Advanced genetics and biotechnology


SCI1200: Humans, evolution and modern society