SCI2010 - Scientific practice and communication

General Unit Information

Science and technology are the cornerstone of modern life. Most people, however do not understand how discoveries are made and this can be partially attributed to a lack of effective science communication. There are two aspects to Science Practice and Communication (SCI2010). In one you will examine the origins of science and how it is practiced (e.g. the scientific process, how science progresses and the mechanisms that regulate science). The second aspect focuses on how scientists communicate their science to diverse audiences. This unit will equip and develop your key scientific skills of critical thinking (ability to acquire and assess the validity of scientific information); initiative and independence (conceptualise, propose and refine a current research topic as well as project management); oral and written communication and teamwork (group activities and assessment). You will complete assignments that focus on improving your written and verbal communication to a range of audiences including other scientists, politicians, industry, managers, funding bodies and the general public. The topics and skills covered in SCI2010 will give you a solid foundation on which to forge a professional career, whether it is directly related to science or in an adjacent discipline.

Mode of delivery

Malaysia (On-campus)
Clayton (On-campus)

Teaching approaches

Each week in SCI2010 will be split into Discovery, Exploration and Reflection.

Discovery refers to the pre-class online student centred learning (~ 2hrs) that you will need to do before coming to your weekly face to face class. This will arm you with the knowledge you need to complete the activities within your weekly class. This will take the form of videos, readings and interactive activities.

Exploration refers to the weekly 2 hr face to face tutorial. This will build on the exploration with students completing active solo or group-based activities.

Reflection refers to the post-class online student centred learning (~ 2hrs) that you will complete after your class to consolidate your weeks learning. This will take the form of a quiz, videos, readings and interactive activities.

Specific Unit Information

Unit Coordinators
Names Dr Bronwyn Isaac
Office25 Rainforest Walk, Room 118, Clayton Campus
Office HoursMon - Fri (by appointment)
Phone(03) 9905 3641
NameDr Joash Tan Ban Lee
Office HoursMon - Fri (by appointment)
Senior Teaching Staff
NamesDr Brian Kearney
Office25 Rainforest Walk, Room 117, Clayton Campus
Office Hours Mon - Fri (by appointment)
Phone (03) 99054928
Teaching Technical Coordinators
Names Agneetha Amarnath
Office25 Rainforest Walk, Room 114, Clayton Campus
Office HoursMon - Fri (by appointment)
Phone (03) 99055907
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