BIO3132 - Timetable of Topics 2018

WeekDateLectures Practicals
124-Jul1Biogeographic historyAP  
 25-Jul2Adaptations to a hot, dry continentAP1. Introduction, papers for oral assign
231-Jul3Diversity of Australian Birds IRC  
 1-Aug4Diversity of Australian Birds IIRC2A. Ethical wildlife monitoring - trapping birds
37-Aug5Diversity of Australian Mammals IRC  
 8-Aug6Diversity of Australian Mammals IIRC2B. Ethical wildlife monitoring - trapping mammals
414-Aug7Diversity of Australian reptiles and amphibians IDC  
 15-Aug8Diversity of Australian reptiles and amphibians IIDCWork on animal ethics application
(own time)
521-Aug9Diversity of freshwater fish IBW  
 22-Aug10Diversity of freshwater fish IIBW3. Field trip  - captive breeding
(Moonlit Sanctuary)
628-Aug11Introduced vertebratesBW  
 29-Aug12Reproduction: life history strategies and constraintsBW4. Invasive species - cane toads
74-Sep13Reproduction: finding and choosing a mateBW  
 5-Sep14Reproduction: mating systems and offspring careBWWork on cane toad report (own time) 
811-Sep15Reproduction in predictable and unpredictable environmentsBW  
 12-Sep16Australian fossil faunaAE5A. Practice orals presentations & feedback 
(Blue Lab)
 19-Sep18Feeding in mammalsAE5B. Oral presentations
(Lecture room locations to be advised)
   Semester Break: Monday 24th - Friday 28th Sep  
102-Oct19Australian alpine vertebratesDC  
 3-Oct20Vertebrates on offshore islandsDC6. Environmental consultant survey 
119-Oct21The cooperative continentAP  
 10-Oct22Changes in latitude, changes in attitudeAPWork on survey report (own time) 
1216-Oct23Are Australian vertebrates adapted for fire?AP  
 17-Oct24The Great Dingo ControversyAP7. Wrap up & exam 
(Location to be advised)
Lectures: Tues 3-4pm (H3), Wed 1-2pm (H4)
Practicals: Thursday 10am-1pm & Thursday 2-5pm
Locations vary so check the schedule:
- JMR Classroom G02B, 50 College Walk
- Blue Lab, 25Rnf/115
Lecturers: AP - Anne Peters (coordinator), RC - Rohan Clarke; AE – Alistair Evans; BW - Bob Wong; DC - David Chapple