BIO1011 - Timetable of Topics 2020

The information provided in this schedule is relevant to the Monash Clayton campus ONLY. Where this unit is run outside of the Clayton campus, please consult your local Unit Coordinator for your campus schedule.

All aspects of this unit are run online through Moodle. Please consult Moodle for all details.

The table below shows the planned schedule of activities and assessment for this unit but from time to time it may be necessary to adjust this for operational reasons. Please listen for announcements in lectures and/or check official announcements on Moodle regularly.

WeekA. Online Workshop
B. Online Revision Seminar (Muddiest Point)
Online Lab
1A. Life's Basics: What Is (Not) Life?
B. No seminar
THBIO1011 Introduction
2AA. Building Life: Macromolecules
B. Week 1 Review
CVLab 1: Protein Analysis
2BA. Building Life: The Evolution of Diversity
B. Week 2A Review
MMLab 1: Protein Analysis
3A. Building Life: The Origins of Multicellularity
B. Week 2B Review
MMLab 2: Cell Diversity - Lab seminar
4A. Powering Life: Capturing Light to Build Carbohydrates
B. Week 3 Review
KMLab 2: Cell Diversity - Lab zoom meeting
5A. Powering Life: Harnessing Chemical Energy
B. Week 4 Review
CWLab 3: Photosynthesis - Lab seminar
6A. Coding Life: DNA Replication and Cell Division
B. Week 5 Review
THLab 3: Photosynthesis - Lab zoom meeting
7A. Coding Life: Patterns of Inheritance
B. Week 6 Review
THLab 4: Genetic Inheritance - Lab seminar
8A. Coding Life: Reading The Instructions of The Cell
B. Week 7 Review
RBLab 4: Genetic Inheritance- Lab zoom meeting
Lab 5: Gene Regulation - Lab seminar
9A. Coding Life: Synthesis of Proteins
B. Week 8 Review
RBLab 5: Gene Regulation - Lab zoom meeting
10A. Coding Life: Genomics and Population Genetics
B. Week 9 Review
RBLab 6: Experimental Case Study - Lab seminar
11A. The Living End: Lifespan and Cell Death
B. Week 10 Review
THLab 6: Experimental Case Study - Lab zoom meeting
12Revision +
B. Week 11 Review
Workshops: Fully online weekly, 1 hour duration, live-streamed on Echo360 - please consult Allocate+ for your allocated workshop time (you MUST participate in your allocated workshop each week).

Labs: Fully online consisting of a fortnightly Lab Seminar, 50 minute duration, live-streamed on Echo360, and a fortnightly meeting with your Teaching Associate (TA), 1.5 hours duration, via Zoom - please consult Allocate+ for your allocated Lab Seminar and Lab Zoom Meeting times (you MUST participate in your allocated lab sessions each fortnight).
Leading Academic Staff: TH - Dr. Thomas Hiscox (Unit Coordinator), CV - Dr. Callum Vidor, MM - Dr. Mike McDonald, KM - Dr. Kelly Merrin, CW - Prof. Craig White, RB - Dr. Richard Burke