BIO1022 - Timetable of Topics 2020

The dates and teaching staff indicated in this timetable are relevant to the Monash Clayton campus ONLY. Where this unit is run outside of the Clayton campus, please consult your local Unit Coordinator for dates and times of workshops and labs.

Week Date (Week Commencing)WorkshopLab
13 AugEvolving Life: Natural Selection and the Tree of LifeAENo Lab
210 AugEvolving Life: Fossils and Human Evolution - Where Did We Come From?AENo Lab
317 AugAnimal Solutions to Life: Plan an AnimalAPLab 1: Microbial Evolution (Online)
424 AugAnimal Solutions to Life: Move the AnimalAPNo Lab
531 AugAnimal Solutions to Life: Feed the AnimalMPLab 2: Animal Diversity (Stream A)
67 SepAnimal Solutions to Life: Defend the AnimalAPLab 2: Animal Diversity (Stream B + Online)
714 SepAnimal Solutions to Life: Making More AnimalsCWLab 3: Vertebrate Body Systems (Online)
Mid-Semester Break: Monday 21 September - Friday 2 October 2020
85 OctPlant Solutions to Life: Finding Mates and Dispersing YoungRGNo Lab
912 OctPlant Solutions to Life: Growing Up in Different EnvironmentsRGLab 4: Plant Diversity (Stream A)
1019 OctInteracting Life: Organisms Behaving (Badly)KMLab 4: Plant Diversity (Stream B + Online)
1126 OctInteracting Life: Why Does It Matter?KM No Lab
122 NovInteracting Life: Microbes - The Good, The Bad, and The UglyCVLab 5: Group Presentations (Online)
Workshops: Repeated 3 times weekly, 1 hour duration - please consult Allocate for allocated workshop time.

Labs: Repeated 12 times fortnightly, 2 hour duration, organised into On Campus (two streams (A and B)) and Fully Online - please consult Allocate for allocated lab time.
Lead Academic Teaching Staff: AE - A/Prof. Alistair Evans, AP - A/Prof. Anne Peters, MP - Dr. Matt Piper, CW - Prof. Craig White, RG - Prof. Ros Gleadow, KM - Dr. Kelly Merrin, CV - Dr. Callum Vidor