BIO2040 Timetable of Topics 2020

1What is biological diversity, and why should we conserve it?DC / ND
2Extinction risk and threat categoriesDC / ND
3Captive management, translocation and assisted colonisationDC / ND
4Invasive speciesDC / ND
5Climate changeDC / ND
6Conservation legislation and policyDC / ND
7Careers in conservationDC / PS / ND
MID-SEMESTER BREAK: Monday 21st Sept to Fri 2nd Oct
8How much habitat is enough? Sustainability of wildlife populations in the face of human actionsPS / ND
9Maintaining functional populations for conservationPS / ND
10Genetic tools in conservation PS / ND
11Genetic and demographic problems of small populationsPS / ND
12Genetic management of wildlife for conservationPS / ND
Staff: DC-David Chapple, PS - Paul Sunnucks, ND - Nick Deal