BIO2242 - Timetable of Topics

11Introduction to Animal Structure and FunctionAEIntroductionOnlineAE
 2Movement - SkeletonsAE 
23Movement - MusclesAELocomotionOnlineND
 4Feeding - Invertebrates 1AE 
35Feeding - Invertebrates 2AEFeeding 1OnlineAE
 6Feeding - Vertebrates 1AE 
47Feeding - Vertebrates 2AEFeeding 2OnlineAE
 10Energy MetabolismCW 
611RespirationCWCirculation and excretionOnlineND
 12Size and ScalingCW 
713Asexual ReproductionDCRespirationOnlineND
 14Sexual ReproductionDC 
MID-SEMESTER BREAK: Monday 21st Sept to Friday 2nd Oct
815Life Histories - Invertebrates 1DCInvertebrate life historyOnlineDC
 16Life Histories - Invertebrates 2DC 
917Life Histories - Vertebrates 1DCVertebrate life historyOnlineDC
 18Life Histories - Vertebrates 2DC 
1019Sensory 1AESensory systemsOnlineND
 20Sensory 2AE 
1121BrainsAEPrac exam information & Theory e-Exam information / Interactive QuizOnlineND
1223Evo-devo & Exam prepAERevision - Drop-in SessionOnlineND
 24The Return of Mammals to the SeaDH
Lectures: Recordings available on Moodle
Practicals: Wednesday 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm
Locations: Online (via Zoom); Blue Lab (25Rnf/115)
Lecturers: DC - A/Prof David Chapple, AE - A/Prof Alistair Evans,  CW - Prof Craig White, DH - Dr David Hocking
Practicals: DC - A/Prof David Chapple, AE - A/Prof Alistair Evans, ND - Dr Nick Deal