BIO3132 - Timetable of Topics

11Biogeographic history and climateAPIntro to pracs, oral presentation info and papers assignedonline
 2Adaptations to a hot, dry continentAP  
23Diversity of freshwater fish IBWAnimal ethics online modules (own time)online
 4Diversity of freshwater fish IIBW  
35Diversity of Australian reptiles and amphibians IDCOnline fieldtriponline
 6Diversity of Australian reptiles and amphibians IIDC  
47Diversity of Australian Birds IBIOnline environmental consultant survey online
 8Diversity of Australian Birds IIBI  
59Diversity of Australian Mammals IBIwork on consultant survey (own time)online
 10Diversity of Australian Mammals IIBI  
611eDNA - wildlife monitoringRTEthical wildlife monitoring - trapping birdsonline
 12Australian fossil faunaAE  
713HoppingAEEthical wildlife monitoring - trapping mammalsonline
 14Feeding in mammalsAE  
Semester Break: Monday 21st Sep to Friday 2nd Oct
815Introduced vertebratesNDCane toadsonline
 16Reproduction: finding and choosing a mateND  
917Reproduction: life history strategies & constraintsNDwork on cane toad assessment, oral presentation (own time)online
 18Reproduction: offspring careND  
1019Australian alpine vertebratesDCPreparations & feedback oral presentationonline
 20Vertebrates on offshore islandsDC  
1121The cooperative continentAPOral presentations 
 22Changes in latitude, changes in attitudeAP  
1223Are Australian vertebrates adapted for fire?APWrap up & exam  
 24The Great Dingo ControversyAP 
Lectures: Recordings will be available on Moodle and a live Q&A via Zoom on Tuesday each week at 1pm
Laboratories: Thursday 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm
Locations: Online (via Zoom);
Lecturers: AP - A/Prof Anne Peters; BW - Prof Bob Wong; AE - A/Prof Alistair Evans; DC - A/Prof David Chapple; BI - Dr Bronwyn Isaac; ND - Dr Nick Deal; RT - Dr Reid Tingley.