BIO2231 - Timetable of Topics

WeekLecturesLaboratoriesText Book Chapter(s) 
11Animal diversity: Confusing but important AND Evolution and classification of animal phylaND / VKWorkshop introduction (online)9, 10, 12, 13
 2Sponges, corals and jelly fishND
23Animal body plansNDSponges, Cnidaria and Flatworms (online)14
 4Flatworms and other acoelomatesND
35Molluscs I - GastropodsNDSponges, Cnidaria and Flatworms (on-campus)16
 6Molluscs II - Cephalopods and bivalvesND
47Annelids and other 'worms'NDMolluscs and Annelids (online)17
 8Arthropoda I - IntroductionVK
59Arthropoda II - CrustaceansVKMolluscs and Annelids (on-campus)19, 20
 10Arthropoda III - Chelicerates and Myriapods VK
Semester Break: Friday 2nd to Friday 9th April
611Arthropoda IV - Insects VKArthropods (online)18, 21
 12Onychophora and TardigradaVK
713Nematodes and other pseudocoelomatesAPArthropods (on-campus)18, 15, 22
 14Proto- to Deuterostomes: Bryozoans & EchinodermsAP
815Echinoderms and hemichordatesAPBryozoans and Echinoderms (on-campus)15, 22, 23
917Vertebrates I - FishNDStudy week (online)24, 25
 18Vertebrates II - Amphibians & reptilesAP
1019Vertebrates III - Birds and MammalsAPChordates (online)26, 27, 28
 20Life on EarthND
1121Animal diversity from different habitatsVKChordates (on-campus) 
1223RevisionVKAnimal diversity (on-campus) 
 24No lecture
Lecturers: ND - Nick Deal (Coordinator), VK - Vanessa Kellermann, AP - Anne Peters
Please see your personal timetable in Allocate+ for location and times of lectures and laboratories.
Online Zoom sessions - Monday 1pm-2pm and Friday 1pm-2pm weekly (excepting Good Friday - 2nd April).
Weekly workshops - Wednesdays on-campus for weeks indicated and Zoom based otherwise (except for fully online students). Note that online versus on-campus scheduling of workshop classes is subject to change.