GEN3030 Schedule 2021

Week Date Lectures Practicals
2/3 1 An introduction to molecular, cellular, and developmental genetics – pre-recorded lectureCKMNo PracCKM
 3pm2AThe genesis story – active learning ZoomCKM  
 4pm Q&A ZoomCKM  

Mechanisms of gene regulation in higher organisms – pre-recorded lecture

SSTechniques for studying gene function and expression - revision tutorial and problem set - Zoom pracCKM
 3pm4AMechanisms of gene regulation in higher organisms – active learning (zoom)SS  
 4pm Q&A ZoomSS  
316/35Evolutionary comparison of gene regulation  – pre-recorded lectureSSGene regulation problem set - Zoom pracSS
 3pm6AEvolutionary comparison of gene regulation – active learning (zoom)SS  
 4pm Q&A ZoomSS  
23/3 7Embryonic patterning I – maternal genes – pre-recorded lectureTJDrosophila development I - Zoom pracTJ
 3pm8AImage analysis for developmental studies – active learning (zoom)TJ  
 4pm Q&A ZoomTJ  
30/39Embryonic patterning II – zygotic genes – pre-recorded lectureTJNo Prac 
 3pm10AHow to read scientific literature – active learning (zoom)CKM  
 4pm Q&A ZoomCKM/TJ  
 3pm Mid semester testCKM  
Mid-Semester Break: Friday 2nd April to Friday 9th April
613/411How plants are different – pre-recorded lectureJLBDrosophila development II - Zoom pracTJ
 3pm Mid semester testCKM  
720/412Meristems and hormones – pre-recorded lectureJLB

Arabidposis development I - Face to Face Prac

  13Flower development – pre-recorded lectureJLB  
 4pm Q&A ZoomJLB  
27/414Apoptosis and induction in development – pre-recorded lectureCKM

Arabidposis development II - Face to Face Prac

 3pm15AResearch seminar: TBA (zoom)Guest
 4pm Q&A ZoomCKM  

Evolution of life cycles– pre-recorded lecture

JLBScientific Literacy: Journal Club in Evo devo (group work sessions) - Zoom pracCKM
 3pm17AUsing genetics to answer fundamental questions in biology – active learning (zoom)CKM  
 4pm Q&A ZoomCKM/JB  
1011/518Gene by environment interactions in development – pre-recorded lectureCKMScientific Literacy: Journal Club in Evo devo Group Presentations - Face to FaceAll
 3pm19AGenetics of organ and body growth – active learning (zoom)CKM  
 4pm Q&A ZoomCKM  
18/5 20 Evo-Devo – pre-recorded lectureCKMDrosophila - neurogenetics and behaviour - Zoom pracCKM
 3pm21ANeurogenetics and behaviour in Drosophila – active learning (zoom)CKM  
 4pm Q&A ZoomCKM  
25/522Genetics of circadian rhythms – pre-recorded lectureTJRevision drop in session  - via ZoomAll
 12pm23AMini-Symposium zoom: Gene Function in Development and Physiology (zoom)3 Guest lecturers  
Lectures:  Tuesday 3pm Active learning sessions via zoom, 4pm Q&A session via zoom. All lectures will be pre recorded and available on moodle

Practicals: Thursday 2 - 4 pm or Friday 10 am - 12 pm: via zoom weeks 2-4, 6, 9, 11-12 and face to face weeks 7-8 and 10.


CKM - Christen Mirth (coordinator);       TJ - Travis Johnson;          JLB - John Bowman;          SS -  Sridevi Sureshkumar