SCI1200 - Humans, Evolution and Modern Society

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Evolution has shaped and continues to shape humans and the world in which we live. Some of the most challenging issues facing society TODAY, such as the battle of the sexes, war and violence, population growth and even the global obesity epidemic can be understood through the process of evolution. An  evolutionary  perspective  also equips us to address emerging issues such as the manipulation of human behaviour, spread of infectious diseases, the rise of allergies, the ethics of cloning, food security, and the biodiversity crisis. This unit will highlight how an appreciation of evolution can transform  our  understanding  of the human condition, modern society, and the profound global challenges that we are currently facing - enabling us to develop robust and creative solutions for the future.

Please note that the unit is made up of 100% in-semester assessment (e.g. mini quizzes and assignment). There is no end-of-semester exam.

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On completion of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Identify and interpret the biggest challenges faced by modern society from an evolutionary perspective;
  2. Describe the fundamentals of evolution, and how these shape the diversity of life on the planet;
  3. Articulate how evolutionary processes have affected and continue to affect the environment in which we live, as well as human health and behaviour;
  4. Differentiate between evidence, interpretation, opinion and fact in evaluating evolutionary perspectives and concepts applied to the development of modern human society.
  5. Effectively synthesise and communicate findings of articles, blogs, book chapters and books written on these issues for the general educated public.

Specific Unit Information

Names Assoc Professor Bob Wong
Office location 19 Rainforest Walk - Room 100
Office hours By appointment - please e-mail
Technical Coordinators
Name Yardenah Brickman Bruce Weir
Office location 23 Rainforest Walk, Student Enquiries25 Rainforest Walk - Room108
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