SCI1501 - Impact through science 1A

General Unit Information

SCI1501 - Impact through science 1A

This is the first part of level-one Impact through science core studies of the Bachelor of Science Advanced (Global Challenges). It consists of two modules, undertaken in parallel: leadership and persuasive communication. Exposure to big ideas and successful leaders will create a fertile ground for generating project ideas to implement in successive years of the course, and will provide opportunities for networking and for identifying mentors.


On completion of this unit students will:

  1. Analyse and synthesize the characteristics of good and bad leaders in different contexts;
  2. Articulate self-awareness of their own values, strengths, and weaknesses pertinent to their leadership aspirations;
  3. Demonstrate improvement in developing personal communication tools to become more effective communicators;
  4. Develop effective communication strategies including identifying stakeholders, crafting messages and methods for their delivery, and interacting with media;
  5. Demonstrate understanding of how to build and work in functional teams;
  6. Demonstrate improvement in understanding of the importance of social responsibility, ethics and mentoring to success.

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Specific Unit Information

NamesDr Rowan Brookes
Office Location18/116
Office HoursBy appointment - please e-mail
Names:Dr Susie Ho
Office Location18/119
Office HoursBy appointment - please e-mail
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